County Administrator

Administrator: Daniel Calcote

301 South First St.
Room 202
Brookhaven, MS  39601


The Board of Supervisors of  each county which is required to operate on a beat system of road administration may appoint some qualified person as county administrator who has knowledgeable experience in any of the following fields: work projection, budget planning, accounting, purchasing, cost control or personnel management. The county administrator, under the policies determined by the Board of Supervisors and subject to the Board's general supervision and control, shall administer all county affairs falling under the control of the Board and carry out the general policies of the Board in conformity with the estimates of the expenditures fixed in the annual budget as adopted by the Board.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Board of Supervisors delegate and assign to the county administrator the duties and responsibilities, in whole or in part, as the Board may determine, not contrary to the laws of the State of Mississippi or the Constitution, and not assigned by law to other officers as follows:

(a)Employ an office clerk and such other technical and secretarial assistance for the board as may be needed, maintain an office for the board and prepare a budget for his office subject to approval of the board;

(b)Be responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the board of supervisors;

(c)Exercise supervision over the boards or other divisions of county government, except for the sheriff's department, financed in whole or in part through taxes levied on county property and purchases shall be made from vendors whose bids have been accepted by the board of supervisors under the provisions of law;

(d)Prepare the budget for consideration by the board of supervisors and assist the board of supervisors in the preparation of the tax levy; however, the sheriff, any governing authority, as defined in Section 31-7-1, funded in whole or in part by the board of supervisors shall be responsible for preparing their respective budgets for consideration by the board of supervisors;

(e)Make inquiry of any person or group using county funds appropriated by the board of supervisors as to the use or proper use of such funds and shall report to the board of supervisors as to such findings;

(f)Have general supervision over the county sanitary landfills and refuse collection procedures;

(g)Have general supervision over county-owned parks, playgrounds and recreation areas;

(h)Have general supervision over any and all zoning and building code ordinances adopted by the board of supervisors and shall administer such ordinances;

(i)Have general supervision over any and all airports owned by the county;

(j)Be the liaison officer to work with the various divisions of county government and agencies to see that county-owned property is properly managed, maintained, repaired, improved, kept or stored;

(k)See that all orders, resolutions and regulations of the board of supervisors are faithfully executed;

(l)Make reports to the board from time to time concerning the affairs of the county and keep the board fully advised as to the financial condition of the county and future financial needs;

(m)Keep the board of supervisors informed as to federal and state laws and regulations which affect the board of supervisors and the county, shall advise the board as to the possible availability of federal or state grants and assistance for which the county may be eligible, shall assist in the preparation and submission of plans and project specifications necessary to acquire such assistance, and shall be the administrating officer of county grants from state and federal sources;

(n)Be charged with the responsibility of securing insurance coverage on such county property as the board shall decide should be insured and of securing any other insurance required or authorized by law. He shall work out a plan of insurance for the county which will ensure minimum premiums;

(o)Receive inquires and complaints from citizens of the county as to the operation of county government, investigate such inquires and complaints, and shall report his finding to the board and the individual supervisor of the district from which such inquiry or complaint arises;

(p)Meet regularly with the board of supervisors and have full privileges of discussion but no vote;

(q)Perform any and all other administrative duties that the board of supervisors could legally perform themselves and that they can legally delegate without violating the laws of the state nor impinging upon the duties set out by law for other officers.