2019 Invitational World Series

Dixie Youth Invitational World Series

Aerial photo of complex
Batting Cages

The Lincoln Civic Center Baseball Complex is proud to announce the 2019 Invitational World Series. This event will provide a memorable experience for the players, parents, volunteers, and families who attend from six states. The Series spotlights the hard work and dedication that can be found at local programs in communities throughout the year. 

5 W’s of the Invitational World Series

  • What:
    • IWS/Invitational/Invitational World Series
  • When:
    • July 18-21, 2019
  • Where:
    • Lincoln Civic Center Baseball Complex and Hansel King Sports Complex - Map/directions
    • Download a map of the complex - Click here
  • Who:
    • This event will host 44 +/- teams from Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana
  • Why:
    • This will be the biggest economic impact event ever hosted in SW MS. 

It takes a village!


6U CP Pool and Schedule

6U Tball Pool and Schedule

7U CP Pool and Schedule

9U Pool and Schedule

11U Ozone Pool and Schedule

How Can You Get Involved 

1. Purchase Field Sponsor Banner or Purchase a Program Ad
     a. Click Here for Sponsorship Opportunities

2. Donate to the Project
     a. Sponsor a meal or entertainment for the event
          i. We will provide a meal to all the coaches and players July 18 before opening ceremonies
          ii. Hospitality Team with 3 meal per day

               1. Rotary Brookhaven is sponsoring 1 full day already

          iii. Fireworks Show Friday Night
          iv. Hospitality Bags to kids and Coaches

               1. Sponsored by Brookhaven Tourism Counsel

          v. Donate $ to purchase trading pins to be given to the players
          vi. Lots and lots of other opportunities…

3. Be a Host Home
     a. Provide Dessert for team meal
     b. Be a point of contact for a team
     c. Come Cheer the team on!


Contact Info

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