Friday, September 9 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, September 10 - 9:00am to 7:00pm
Admission Fees: Adults (13 and up) $6.00, Children (7-12) $5.00, Children (6 and under): Free

The 2016 Lincoln County Wildlife Expo is on the horizon, September 9-10, 2016, and we are all getting excited about the event and activities surrounding it.  We do have a few booth spaces available so please don't hesitate, call us today to reserve your space in order to showcase your products and services to a very targeted outdoor enthusiast based audience. Click here for Cover Page for Booth Space Agreement and Booth Space Agreement!

We are also excited to announce the 4th annual Farm Bureau Cook-off (click here for entry!).  The cook-off is start with registration Friday Night and begin cooking Saturday morning.

NEW FOR 2016:


  1. Flying Hounds Frizbee Dog Show - Sponsored by "Brookhaven Tourism Counsel"
  2. Piglet Catching Contest - Toyota of Brookhaven (Domestic piglets that the kids try to catch)
  3. Crocodile Carson....https://www.facebook.com/crocodilecarson/?fref=ts -  Sponsored by Bank of Brookhaven
  4. Big Buck Contest - Sponsored by Brookhaven Honda 1st Place in 3 categories only (Men, Women and Children - 12 and under) - Deer from 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 will be eligible for this Contest!
  5. Magnolia Record Scoring Session - Sponsored by Kings Daughters Medical Center and MS Wildlife Fisheries and Parks

Other activities to look forward to:

  1. Kid's activity and Jumper Center -    Farm Bureau of Lincoln County                                                                                                
  2. Hand Grabbing - fish provided by Mark Porter - Sponsored by MS And LA Sportsman Magazine                                              
  3. Silent Auction Booth  - 50% of Proceeds going to Woods Wheels and Waters Outdoors                                                      
  4. Free Gun  Giveaway raffle ticket given with every ticket purchased to enter the expo - Gold Nugget Pawn and Gun -
  5. 3-D and Archery Shoot - Provided by: Woods Wheels and Waters Archary) Win a new truck (Pending) and AIM Bows shoot Free Friday Night (Exhibition Only)!
  6. Metal working seminars - Sponsored by Supertalk Brookhaven 102.1 and McComb 93.5
  7. Free Aims Bow Shoot in MP Building Friday and Saturday -  Farm Belt Equipment Company
  8. 1000's of $ in Door Prize to be Given away - (Please contact Quinn Jordan if would like to donate to door prizes both $ and product to be given away over the two days) 
  9. Great Outdoor themed Food - Sponsored by Daily Leader 
  10. Wildlife Fisheries and Park will have their arcade style shooting game and Information Booth- Free activity - Fielders Pro Shops of Brookhaven and McComb
  11. Buy your 2016-2017 Hunting and Fishing Licenses -
  12. Lots of booth will be here this year offering great show deals!
  13. Ice Cream, Frozen Lemonade and Broma's Sweet Tea!
  14. Live Snake show - Sponsored by B92.1 The Boss, K106 and Buyers Guide xtra, outdoor themed booths, Medivac Helicopter Exhibit - Sponsored by Reed's Metals and more......

Friday , September 9, 2016 Volunteer Schedule - Volunteers needed!
Saturday , September 10, 2016 Volunteers Schedule - Volunteers needed!

Sponsors for the 2016 Event 

  • Bank of Brookhaven -  Platinum Sponsorship
  • Toyota of Brookhaven - Platinum Sponsorship
  • Farm Bureau of Lincoln County - Platinum Sponsorship
  • MS and LA Sportsman's Magazine - Platinum Sponsorship
  • Farm Belt Equipment Company - Gold Level Sponsorship
  • Reed's Metal - Gold Level Sponsorship
  • B92.1 "The Boss", K106 and The Buyers Guide xtra
  • Brookhaven Honda - Gold level Sponsorship
  • Kings Daughters Medical Center - Gold Level Sponsorship
  • Fielder's Pro Shop - Gold level Sponsor
  • Daily Leader of Brookhaven - Gold level Sponsor
  • Supertalk 102.1 Brookhaven and Supertalk 93.5 McComb
  • Paul Barnett Nissian - Silver level sponsor
  • Gold Nugget Brookhaven - Silver Level Sponsor
  • 51 Pawn and Gun - Silver Level Sponsor
  • Ductz A/C Repair and Instillation - Silver Level Sponsor
  • Positive Pest Control - Silver Level Sponsor
  • Southern Electric Works - Bronze
  • Wand's Seed Store - Bronze
  • Magnolia Electric Power - Bronze 
  • United Country - McDaniel-Gray Realty - Bronze
  • Trustmark National Bank - Bronze
  • State Bank & Trust Company - Bronze
  • Backwoods Bayou Family Restaurant - Bronze
  • Primos Game Calls - Bronze
  • Your Business or Personal Name Here!!!! 
  • Deep South Sporting Goods

We look forward to seeing each of you at YOUR Lincoln Civic Center on Sept. 9-10, 2016 for the 2016 Lincoln County Wildlife Expo. 

Quinn Jordan, Director
Lincoln Civic Center 
Phone: 601-823-9064